Welcome To Eden Christian School

Eden Christian School is an independent school that is registered with the Department of Education. The school has been in existence under the same management for 19 years. One thing that has stayed constant and only grew is our dream to influence, motivate and inspire every child to build a relationship with God, dream big and work to realize their dreams. We believe every child has been given everything they need to fulfill the destiny predestined for them. Our task is to unlock that potential and guide the child to develop and believe in themselves.


Eden Christian School is a combine primary and high school, which strives to provide excellence in academic, cultural and exposure to sport activities. English is used as medium of instruction.

All students are given the opportunity, to a happy, secure and disciplined environment, to develop their full potential in mind, body and spirit.

We are Value-Driven and Bible-based. We aim to make values like caring, respect, responsibility, trustworthiness and teamwork a lifestyle for each learner. Our values determine our thoughts, our thoughts determine our actions and our actions determine our destiny. We aim to lay firm Biblical foundations. Every child is born with a God-given purpose. Every child is unique. We feel it our privilege to aid every learner in reaching their destiny. 


To educate students within a climate of Christian values.

To provide a dynamic curriculum, with the emphasis on scholastic excellence, which include the development of self-confidence and self discipline to enable students to realize their full potential.

To promote open communication and close interaction with parents. 


Love for God and everything He created.
Respect for each other and nature.

Our Dream

To see children happy and secure in who they are. 

To see children build personal relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

To see children build character with perseverance, endurance and maturity. 

To see children reach their full potential and reach the destiny that God has in store for them.   

Why Eden Christian School

  • Individual attention.
  • Small classes
  • Learn to set their own goals.
  • Learn determination to reach goals.
  • Each child treated as a unique individual with a God-given purpose.
  • Academic excellence.
  • Gain knowledge of the Word of God.
  • Lay firm foundation for life in general as well as academic progress.  

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